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My love for nature, animals, feathery creatures and all things beautiful, has taken me into the world of photography. For nearly a half a century I believed that I had seen it all in nature, knew it all and had experienced the wild side of nature….. until I picked up a camera!

I realised what I had missed. There is so much to see through the lens with patience, focus, a keen eye, time, the right place/the right time and determination to get the details you need in a good photograph.

Often I have been blessed to see amazing action that is missed by a drive past or a quick “oh there’s a hippo” or “oh look there’s a Zebra” and off you go to the next quick viewing while actually that hippo had just given birth and the calf was about to be “launched” out of the water or a hungry Zebra calf putting on the cutest face when he couldn't get to drink. Finding these special moments is not as difficult as you think but it does mean that you need to STOP, WAIT and APPRECIATE.

With this blog, I would like to share with friends and family what I have been so fortunate to see and experience in a short space of time.

Amanda Ellis

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