Elephant Plain - Hyaenas's at Play

May 28, 2013

Oh my word, what an experience! Our first morning out on a photography trip at Elephant plains we experience a sighting that I believe people had the priviledge of seeing,


A pack of hyaena were running out in front of the vehicle, stopping of at pools of water, seemingly playful mood.


We followed them for a short distance when the stopped of at a small pond were a hippo had been wallowing the previous day. They stopped for a drink when one of the hyaena ventured into the water and pulled out roots from below the surface. As he pulled the roots out he started running around the pond with roots in his mouth and a pack of laughing hyaenas giving chase.


I am not going to write anymore as words cannot describe the scene. Please watch the video and listen to the crazy camera folk (myself included) that are shooting continously:) The sound you here is not that of machine guns, its just cameras *blush*


Enjoy and please leave a comment on what you see. The quality is not the best as it was really bad light and our ranger did not have state of the art kit but we are thankful to Louis for the video regardless!


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